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    Rules and Things to know!


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    Rules and Things to know!

    Post  Crystal on Sat Feb 14, 2009 3:38 am

    Hey everyone! Need help with the rules? here are a few!

    First of all: Be kind to other players! They are all humans with feelings.

    2nd. Please try to keep foul language to a minimum. (You can still say it, just behave!)

    3rd. Everyone loves to PK! but remember that it's all a ".GBS." (Give back stuff) fight unless the player notes otherwise. That means YOU DO NOT TAKE ANOTHER PERSONS ITEMS WHEN THEY DIE. That is called looting and will result in a demote or ban.

    4th. ONLY STAFF CAN USE GLOWING DAGGER. That means that if you're not a mod+ please do NOT ask for a glowing dagger, and if you find one please give it to a staff member.

    5th. For staff who DO have a glowing dagger, it is not to be used in the PKBOX! This may result in a demote, or even a ban if done more than once.

    6th. Do not bug for a staff spot! If you would like to become a staff member, you need to donate or earn it by being a good player! That means following the rules!.

    7th. FOR STAFF!: Do NOT Abuse your powers! Cos are not to make random people Mods and Admis just 'cause they can. Cos you must also not demote just 'cause you can. Cos are Also not to Ban / IP just 'cause they don't like the person. Rules are rules and everyone should get a fair chance to play!. Admins and mods, Same thing goes for the Ban thing, do not ban players just 'cause you can! Also when a person is banned for a good reason, do not unban them unless a Co or the owner says so, Also that means for staff you can't just demote / ban the banner because another person demotes or bans someone who should be because they broke the rules. Also, don't give out items that are STAFF ONLY to non-staff members!


    9th. Anyone can have a Santa Hat / Party Hat / Halloween Mask. (If given to you or you picked up from a drop) And Don't bug for rares! Just ask once if you really want one. But you can't have unneeded numbers like 1k of each.. I mean come on!

    10th. There are items that you can't get by yourself from shops / drops, only to be got by staff. Players who are not staff are not to wear this stuff!

    11th. Don't bug the staff!

    12th. Don't Break the rules and report all rule brakers!

    13th. Have fun! We don't bite. ...Much anyway.


    STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM "JAD" AND "FIGHTPITS" Chances are your account will get STUCK, yes, that means freeze up and you can't log back on! If you really wanna try your luck, make a new account just to test if it gets stuck, if not go ahead and use your main to enter. If your account DOES get stuck you have two options: 1. Tell a co. They may try to teleport you out of there (But it don't always work and may take time). 2. Give your password to a Co or someone you trust who don't get stuck. (Yes, some people don't get stuck)

    DON'T DO THE NO CLIP COMMAND... unless you wanna get banned

    Vote! Yes! Gotta keep Sinzscape up and get more players, right? Go to:
    You can vote once every 24 hours!

    Donate! It will keep Sinzscape up and running!

    (More to come when I think of more / informed of more. ;D That means to can contact me in the game to let me know of things I missed or if you just wanna ask me something!)

    HAPPY GAMING~! <3 Lots of Love from Crystal!

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    Re: Rules and Things to know!

    Post  Trey on Mon Feb 16, 2009 8:29 am

    Well said Crystal! Razz

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